2nd Project Meeting for bIoTope in Helsinki

published on by Annette Weilandt

The second face-to-face meeting for bIoTope took place on June 8/9, 2016 at Aalto University near Helsinki. All project partners came together to discuss the first outcomes of the project, i.e. the results of the requirements analysis as well as the description of the various use cases. Furthermore we discussed some technical questions concerning the future architecture and implementation of the planned IoT services.

When we met in January, Helsinki had been deep in snow. Now, we could experience the summer time: the social event at the evening of the first day was located on the fortified island Suomenlinna, which is really a beautiful place for a visit.

On the second day of the meeting the city partners presented their data portals and which kind of open data they can make available for the project. Then, the next tasks and goals of the work packages were discussed. Since many delivrables have their deadline in August and September 2016, there will be an intensive project work during the next weeks.

All information about bIoTope are available here.

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