MobiVoc v1.1.4 Release

published on by Niklas Petersen

Within the LIMBO research project, we extended MobiVoc to include highway roadworks concepts. Highway roadworks data is published in Europe according to the DATEX 2 standard. Thus we added the necessary concepts and properties to keep MobiVoc compliant with Datex2. An open roadworks dataset contains the information about the location, the lane affected, the timespan of the roadworks, the speed limit, a short public radio comment, a roadwork classification and various other details. This data is used in the LIMBO research project to optimize routing for eletric cars to find the optimal path to the next charging point.

We further added the hashtag symbol to the vocabulary URI to make all concepts, properties and instances dereferencable. As an example:

The new version of MobiVoc (v1.1.4) is published on GitHub. To describe the usage of the vocabulary for roadworks data, we futher published an example dataset: roadworks.ttl.

Classes and properties of MobiVoc

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